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Blizzard of 1978 - I-75 Findlay. From January 25 through 27 the "blizzard of the century" brought the state of Ohio to a standstill.
Blizzard of 1978 - I-75. The storm caused many lengthy power outages, and Patrol posts throughout the state became shelters for evacuees.
Ohio State University Riot - May 21, 1970. Patrol groups stand in formation in front of the Administration Building.
Ohio State University Riot - May 21, 1970. Units in formation begin patrolling the campus.
Ohio State University Riot - May 21, 1970. Lt. Gerald Forbes responds to injuries received by Ptl. David Wolfel from a rock thrown by a rioting student.
Chardon Post Patrolmen Russell Daberko became the first ACE in the Patrol's new Blue Max program by making five recoveries and apprehensions. (Warren DHQ, September 6, 1972)
Warren District Capt. Chester Hayth lends a hand to first Patrol ACE Ptl. Daberko of Chardon in adding the fifth lightning bolt and ACE plates to his Plymouth Cruiser.
Blizzard of 1978 - I-75 Findlay.
Trucker Blockade & Strike - December 1973. Blockades were cleared by the Patrol with the assistance of National Guard wreckers.
Trucker Blockade & Strike - December 1973. Patrol units move to reopen the highway near I-70 and SR-37.
Trucker Blockade & Strike - December 1973. In protest of rising fuel and other related costs, truckers staged a series of blockades for about four days which impeded highway travel across the state. Patrol units worked nearly 4,000 hours of overtime to deal with the crisis.
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