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HPRS offers health care access to plan participants; however, health care is not a statutorily-mandated benefit. HPRS will continue to provide top-quality coverage as funds are available. Premiums are established annually by the HPRS Board of Trustees based on actuarial projections, availability of funds, and needs of the membership. The board works diligently to provide for continued solvency of the health care fund.

Coverage changes may be made during the open enrollment period during the month of November, or if a Qualifying Event occurs. For more information on Qualifying Events, please click here.

The health care information on this website is only a summary of current plans and is not a guarantee of benefits. For the details of coverage, please contact each provider below.

2022 Health Care Premiums / Plan Co-Pays

2023 Health Care Premiums / Plan Co-Pays

Vaccinations (including shingles)

Wellness Program:


  • Must have HPRS medical coverage to be eligible for any wellness tests.
  • Must be age 40 or older for the CWE and Screenings at COPC.
  • Must be a retiree, spouse, or surviving spouse.

Comprehensive Wellness Examination (CWE):  Administered at OhioHealth Westerville Medical Campus, 300 Polaris Pkwy, Westerville, OH.  To schedule an appointment contact: Robert Glenn, 614.566.2222 ext. 4795

Screenings:  Screenings are performed at Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) facilities at 625 Africa Rd., Suite 140 in Westerville or 4885 Olentangy River Rd. in Columbus.  The screenings include: CT coronary artery calcium scoring, carotid artery ultrasound screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm ultrasound screening, CT lung screening (for current or former smokers only) and bone density screening (for members not eligible for the lung screening).  To schedule screenings, call COPC at 614.273.0411.

Comprehensive Wellness Exam (CWE) is covered once every two (2) years.  Screenings are covered once every four (4) years.

Fitness Discounts:  Medical Mutual of Ohio offer various discounted fitness benefits to members.  Medical Mutual of Ohio members click here for more information.

Provider NameContact InformationGroup #
Medical Mutual of Ohio Customer Service: 1.877.520.6729
Web login support: 1.800.294.7583
229040001 (Ohio)
229040007 (all other states)
Express Scripts Prescriptions Customer Service: 1.866.472.6249
See ID card
Aetna Vision (for maximum benefits use an EyeMed Vision provider) Customer Service: 1.877.973.3238

EyeMed Customer Service: 1.866.9EYEMED www.eyemedvisioncare.com

698225 - Aetna Vision

9805797 - EyeMed Select Plan A Group

Delta Dental of Ohio PPO (Point of Service) Customer Service: 1.800.524.0149
(No ID cards issued)
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