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A vision plan, administered by Aetna Vision and EyeMed, is available to all HPRS benefit recipients and eligible dependents.

You may enroll or drop coverage (1) if you have a qualifying event or (2) during the open enrollment period in November each year. The effective date of coverage for open enrollment is January 1.

Aetna Vision Benefits Summary

Aetna Out-of-Network Claim Form

Vision ID Cards:

All cards are issued in the primary memberís name.

ID cards are not required for an Aetna Vision Preferred member to receive services when visiting a provider in the Aetna Vision Preferred network. Members should always call ahead to confirm the providers participation in the plan and identify themselves as an Aetna Vision Preferred member to ensure they receive maximum benefits.

Members can print temporary ID cards and benefit information by registering at www.AetnaVision.com and following the prompts for member registration.

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